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Sinewave Step-Down Transformer: 240v to 120v, 600 watts (4.5 amps)

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This C-Tick approved Step-Down AC-AC transformer will convert Australian power of 240 volts down to the voltage required by US products (110-120v), and has the correct power socket on the side to power your US device without involving wiring.

The maximum power output is 600 watts (650w peak), and as this is a pure sinewave output you can use this with any device at all, including computers, battery chargers and lights.
The outlet socket is compatible with standard US 2-pin and 'polarised' plugs (which have one pin slightly wider that the other).
(This is not an 'isolation' transformer, it is a voltage step-down transformer.)

Not suitable for outdoor use or with food mixers

  • 240V-120V step-down transformer
  • Power switch
  • OUTPUT voltage selector 120 / 240
  • C-Tick approval
  • Cable length: 1.3m
  • Max. power output: 600W
  • Peak power output: 650W
  • Indoor use only

  • Size: 19 x 11 x 9cm
  • Unit Weight: 3kg

  • 1 x Step-Down Transformer