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Hydroactive Heavy Duty Pool Cover Roller Up To 6.7m

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HD Pool cover roller:These great pool cover rollers will make it easy to keep your cover neatly rolled away and ready whenever you need.

You can connect the supplied clips and straps at any point on the cover, even right across the middle - this way you can roll any odd-shaped cover you have. (included 8 clips and straps with this roller)

The telescopic roller is aluminium and the legs are stainless steel so this unit is weather, chlorine, and salt resistant.

  • Roller diameter: 100mm
  • Beam ground clearance: 30cm
  • Winder diameter: 35cm
  • Overall width at wheels: 60cm
  • Maximum width: 6.7m

  • 1 x Telescopic roller
  • 8 x Cover clips and straps