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Ceramic Kitchen Knife Peeler 6pc Set

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Ceramic knives might sound like chef's equipment, but this 6 piece set will bring to your kitchen a chef's ability to prepare fruit and vegetables, and present meals with flair and style.

Ceramic knives are renowned for their sharpness and durability. With a unique non-porous blade manufactured from zirconium oxide - a material tougher than hardened steel - the ceramic blade knife remains sharper, holding its edge much longer than steel.

Ceramic knives resist stains and cannot rust, remaining easy to clean, bacteria free, and are non-magnetic.

  • Blade Length Knife 1: 6in
  • Blade Length Knife 2: 5in
  • Blade Length Knife 3: 4in
  • Blade Length Knife 4: 3in

  • 6in ceramic knife
  • 5in ceramic knife
  • 4in ceramic knife
  • 3in ceramic knife
  • Ceramic peeler
  • Knife holder