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Hand Held Vacuum Tester Pump Brake Bleeder

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This lightweight easy to use universal hand held gun type vacuum can be used virtually on all cars to perform brake bleeding at home without the mess.

Many other automotive testing procedures can be performed such as vacuum gauges, diesel valves, power brakes, ignition timing, vacuum pumps, engine control system, automatic transmission, emission controls A/C and heater controls, carburetor service and many more.
The hand held vacuum pump has a smooth action pull trigger and instant pressure feedback is provided via the easy to read pressure gauge.

  • Pump with dual reading gauge(mmHg Inch/Hg)
  • Vacuum adapters
  • 2 x 60cm long hoses
  • Brake fluid reservoir (120 ml)
  • Brake bleed adapters
  • Gauge scale: 0-30 inches Hg, 0-76cm Hg
  • Durable construction
  • Includes carry case