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Giantz Cutting Disc 230mm Metal Cut Off Wheel Angle Grinder Thin Steel

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Our Giantz Cutting Disc is made to cut through most steel with reliability. Compatible for use with angle grinders,
The strong and durable disc ensures cutting reliability and consistency and is able to handle exceptional motor speeds without any hassles. Better still, it is Inox quality rated, certified to Australian standards and manufactured in accordance to ISO and European EN12413 Safety Standards. For cutting edge performance, nothing grinds out outstanding results time and again with our Giantz cutting disc.

Angle grinder disc
For cutting stainless steel, mild steel, black steel, A60TBF
Certified to the Australian standards "5 Tick Mark"
Inox quality rated
Manufactured to ISO standards and European EN12413 Safety Standards

Size: 9", 230mm
Bore: 22.23mm(7/8")
Thickness: 2mm
Max speed: 6600rpm
Machine: Angle Grinder
Machine: Angle GrindIntended Use: for cutting stainless steel mild,steel, black steel, A60TBF

Package Contents:
25 x Cutting disc