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How we save you 10%

How do we actually save you 10%?  

Our competitors* charge their sellers approximately 10% commission for every sale that sellers make on their platform. This means that sellers must inflate their price by an additional 10% in order to cover the commissions that they owe on each sale. This means that you, the customer, must pay the extra 10% at the end of the day.  

At SaveTen, we don't take that 10%. Rather this 10% is passed back to you in our extremely competitive purchase price (with free shipping, of course) so you always 'Save Ten'!

For example: If a company sells an item on Ebay for $200 then Ebay takes approximately $20 in commissions. The seller still has to make their margin to be profitable so the buyer ends up paying that 10% PLUS the company's desired profit margin. At SaveTen we don't charge the seller %10 in fees so you always 'Save 10 Percent'!