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About Us

What is Save Ten?

Save Ten is a store which cuts out the middleman saving you, the customer 10%.

How do we actually save you 10%?

Our competitors* charge their sellers approximately 10% commission for every sale that sellers make on their platform. This means that sellers must inflate their price by an additional 10% in order to cover the commissions that they owe on each sale. This means that you, the customer, must pay the extra 10% at the end of the day.

At Save10, we don't take that 10%. Rather this 10% is passed back to you in our extremely competitive purchase price so you always 'Save Ten'!

Competitive Pricing and Free shipping

We pride ourselves on having the most competitive prices on all our products. Furthermore, all items (except alcohol) have free shipping no matter where you live in Australia!

How we support Australian Businesses?

We pride ourselves on having all our products warehoused right here in Australian warehouses around the country. This means you never have to wait for weeks to receive your items from abroad, and also that we can support the local economy together. Additionally, all our customer service teams are located in Australia ensuring that we can help the Australian economy and that we can fully comprehend any customer service issues that may arise.

Delivery Timeframe:

We guarantee all deliveries within 13 days of ordering. Please allow up to to 2 business days to process and handle the orders. We use a range of couriers to send your items including Australia Post. All items are stocked and shipped from Australia. All items have free shipping Australia wide. We do not deliver to some remote postcodes.


* Such as Ebay, Amazon, Catch, and Mydeal